April 27, 2015
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Kindle Singles   Introducing Kindle Singles!

Kindle Singles are a new line of books which are excerpts, portions, and condensed versions of the other available full-length titles.

All Singles are priced at $0.99 on Amazon!

This month, I'm giving away several signed paperback copies of my books on Goodreads! To enter a giveaway, follow the link to the Goodreads giveaway and click the "Enter to Win" button. Thanks!
The Last Aliyah Aug 16 - Sep 13, 2014
"The Last Aliyah Goodreads Giveaway:

Ezekiel Watch Sep 5 - Sep 27, 2014
"The Ezekiel Watch Goodreads Giveaway:

Kindle-Free Kindle Book Giveaways are usually on weekends (Fri/Sat) and holidays! To view which books are free each week, please visit my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/cwhambleton or click the "Like" button in the "Connect with the Author" box on the right.

Most books are also available in paperback, on the Nook, and on Kobo!

Welcome to the website of author C.W. Hambleton (or Chris Hambleton). I mostly write fiction novels, and have recently ventured into non-fiction work. I’m a software developer by trade, and writing provides a nice break from software and databases.

With my day-job as a software developer, my writing time gets squeezed into very early mornings before work or very late nights after work. Either way, coffee is always involved!

Latest and Upcoming Books!
Rise of the Anshar The Seed of Haman Out of the Whirlwind The Convention The Green Zone
$2.99! $2.99! $2.99! $2.99! $2.99!
Non-Fiction Books Available
On the Precipice Ezekiel Watch The American Tyrant Our American Awakening
$2.99! $2.99! $2.99! $2.99!
Fiction Books Available
The Castors of Giza The Cell - Twilight's Last Gleaming The Exchange Endeavor in Time
$2.99! $2.99! $2.99! $2.99
The Time of Jacob's Trouble Trilogy
Buy the Individual Books   Bundled!
The Last Aliyah - Book 1 The Son of Shinar - Book 2 The Siege of Zion - Book 3 OR The Time of Jacob's Trouble Trilogy
$2.99! $2.99! $2.99!   $8.99
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The Prophecy Pack The American Pack The Sci-Fi Pack The Time of Jacob's Trouble Trilogy
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Work in Progress

"Fountains of the Deep"
Fountains of the Deep

"The Declaration"
The Declaration


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